Your Vision. Our Process. Your Success.

Your success is our top priority. Our team of experts will develop the best solutions for the best situation through various services below. We connect the brightest minds that fit the needs of every client. Our team will cut through the noise and execute the strategies that will deliver the desired results.

Entertainment Access

As one of the leading entertainment buying companies in the world, Degy offers your team access to any and every artist on the planet.  Regardless of budget, size, or fame, we’ll open the gate to access anyone in the entertainment and celebrity domains.

Event Management

Our team supports your efforts in the process of planning, coordinating, and executing any small & large scale events of any type.  We design your budget and timeline, but also assist with advancing, security, vendor hiring, emergency planning, permitting, and more.

Production Buildouts

Creating a proper venue and setup for an event is critical to its success.  We concentrate on all elements to an event such as as power, stage placement, security, emergency egress, food & beverage setup, ticketing, and more.

Strategic Planning

We believe strongly in developing a robust & detailed strategy for every client.  Too often do we see companies operating inconsistently and without purpose in the entertainment space.  Rather than chasing the next artist or the next quick win, we put together short, mid, and long term strategy plans to fit the goals and needs of our client.

Talent Buying

Our expert team includes agents who book thousands of entertainment events each year around the globe.  Working together allows you to leverage the 9-step booking process we’ve created for events as we step in to help you secure the right talent that you desire.

Venue Development

Our experts oversee the creation of entertainment venues around the world.  Some of our clients create a location for a one-time event, others are standing up long term build-outs for full time operations.  Working with your team, we review building plans, identify must-haves, and correct pain-points before they derail a great venture.